Orient Ceramics – Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products

Good and efficient sanitation standards are the primary requirements of every home, office and commercial places like hotels, hospitals, laboratories etc. Hence, this calls for installation of various sanitary ware products like urinals, wash basins, water closets, shower trays and kitchen sinks that are the basic amenities required to maintain cleanliness and the best possible hygiene. The modern sanitary ware products have been defined for adding comfort and style to the bathrooms and hence are available in various styles, designs and colors for choicest selection as per the individualistic sanitation requirements.

Orient Ceramics offers high quality ceramic sanitary ware products which are exclusively designed to add luxury, style and elegance to your bathrooms and areas where these sanitary ware products are installed. Designed with best features like dimensional accuracy and heavy duty chrome plating, our sanitary ware are superlative and unique quality products built to meet the requirements of both national as well international sanitary ware markets.

At Orient Ceramics, we can provide a diverse range of contemporary, stylish and durable ceramic sanitary ware products to meet high end sanitation needs at residential as well as commercial places.

Range of Sanitary Ware Products by Orient Ceramics

Our sanitary ware product range includes products like

Bathroom Suites

Bathroom suite consisting of water closet and wash basins are the primary requirement of every bathroom. At Orient Ceramics, it’s the collection of gorgeous ceramic toilet and bathroom suites that are available as simple classic sanitary ware products as well as attractive trendy models in chunky curves to bold sharp edged styling. We provide Volvo Suite, Sofia Suite, Smith Suite, EON Suite, Classic Suite and Arcade Suite which are contemporary pairs of elegant water closets with tanks and wash basins with pedestals designed to match up the choice of sanitation requirements of different individuals.

Water Closet with Cistern

This is a contemporary style of toilet utilizing a cistern. The function of this contemporary style water closets equipped with cistern is easy as they contain provision for easy flushing of the toilet bowl with cistern that reserves and hold the correct amount of water required to flush the toilet bowl. Stylishly designed contemporary water closets with cisterns in form of one piece toilets as well two piece toilets are offered by us at Orient Ceramics.

Wash Basin and Wash Basin with Pedestal

Wash basin or a sink is the primary bathroom amenity facilitating for washing of face and hands. At Orient we design and offer elegant models of both wash basins without pedestals and wash basins with pedestals. We provide a classic range of traditional wash basins without pedestals in different sizes like 14 inch x 11 inch, 18 inch x 14 inch, 30 inch x 18 inch, 20 inch x 16 inch and 18 inch x 12 inch wash basins to meet different requirements of our customers. However these traditional wash basins will not conceal the pipe work and if you want to conceal your pipe work, select from our exclusive range of wash basins with pedestals which are contemporary wash basins equipped with the stylish pedestals. Pedestal for a wash basin will act as an extra support to the basin and provide a rich look to your bathroom by covering up the pipe work beneath the wash basin.

Printed and Rustic Series Wash Basins and Toilets

We offer a classy range of printed and rustic series wash basins and toilets to match up the sanitation needs of the stylish contemporary homes. Our wash basins or toilets printed with beautiful designs look very elegant and are just the right choice of sanitary ware if you are looking for something trendy and equally classy to add on to your bathroom. We provide double colored rustic wash basins with pedestals and squatting pans in several colour options for choicest selection of our clients best suitable to their needs.

Squatting Pans

Squatting pans are the traditional forms of toilets that can be used in a squatting position rather than by sitting on them as on a water closet. Orient offers stylish and easy to clean models of squatting pan closets in different forms and sizes including traditional style 18 inch x 20 inch Indian squat closets, 23 inch x 18 inch Turkish squatting pans, 20×16 inch full deep squatting pans, 20 inch x 16 inch medium deep squatting pans and 21 inch x 17 inch eastern style squatting pans.


A good urinal is the one that ensures comfort, hygiene as well as improved efficiency for use with reduced water wastage. Orient offers high quality urinals in various contemporary styles or designs including the corner style urinals, half stall urinals with partition and flat back urinals. Our urinals are made up of the best ceramic materials and therefore are the best quality sanitation products built for long lasting performance.

Lab Sink & Kitchen Sink

Sinks are primary sanitation products utilized for washing needs. At Orient we provide stylish and fully functional sinks for use in kitchens and laboratories. Available in models like sink with drainer, sink with overflow and sink without overflow our kitchen sinks are the most classy sinks designed to meet different sanitation requirements in various kitchens. Our laboratory sinks are the best commercial sanitation products suitable for efficient cleaning and washing requirements in a laboratory without spillage of water.

Shower Trays

Shower Trays can make your shower the most comfortable experience in your bathroom. Orient Ceramics offers elegant ceramic shower trays in 73 cm x 73 cm and 70 cm x 70 cm sizes.

Flush Tanks

Flush tanks are important attachments for water closets or toilets. Orient Ceramics offers a wide range of flush tanks made of the superlative quality ceramic materials including the dual flush tank, high level flush tanks with side handles and low level flush tanks to meet diverse sanitation requirements.

Bathroom Sanitary Ware Accessories

Sanitary ware accessories like robe hooks, soap dish, P Trap and shelves are the basic necessities for every bathroom. At Orient Ceramics we provide all these sanitary accessories in a wide variety of beautiful designs. These are elegant sanitary equipments which can be easily selected for choicest sanitation requirements and to suit for different bathroom interiors.

What makes Orient Ceramics a Superior Sanitary Ware Manufacturer and Supplier?

When it comes to sanitary ware, no one else can match up with Orient Ceramics. Orient Ceramics is a leading sanitary ware manufacturer and supplier in India offering the contemporary and best quality ceramic sanitary ware products to meet diverse sanitation needs of the local buyers as well as international sanitary ware markets in countries like Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Israel. Following are some of the factors that make us superior manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary ware.

Superior Quality

Quality is something that our customers have never to compromise with our sanitary ware products because these are made up of superior quality ceramics. Our sanitary ware products including wash basins, urinals, water closets and sinks are all designed in impeccable quality, contemporary makes, accurate dimensions and are coated with heavy duty chrome plating. These are long lasting sanitation products which can be installed for efficient use at homes and are also fit for commercial use.

Wide Variety

Orient Ceramics tries hard to fulfill the diverse sanitation needs by providing a wide range of sanitary ware products that are again available in varieties in styles, colors and designs. Therefore with orient Ceramics, as your sanitary ware supplier you get a wide choice to select from. You can easily find sanitary ware that well fits into your requirements of sanitation.

Highly Cost Effective

It’s the cost effectiveness of our sanitary ware products which makes them the favorite products of our customers across the globe. Right from ceramic wash basins to flush tanks and sanitary ware accessories everything is reasonably priced at Orient Ceramics. At Orient our customers are assured of great quality ceramic sanitation products at the most competitive price in the market.


Time is the crucial for everyone. We very well understand this and therefore see to it that the sanitary ware requirements of our customers are satisfied within time. We ensure to deliver the products in the best state and the required quantities to our clients as per the choicest requirements within the shortest possible time promised.

Best Infrastructure

At Orient Ceramics we take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware products in India. Infrastructure of our firm has a major role to play here. It is our advanced production capability that helps us to produce better quality ceramic units designed according to the latest technology and trends of the market.

Worldwide Presence

As sanitary ware suppliers, we export our products regularly to the countries like Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Israel. However our products are quite popular in the international sanitary ware market and hence are today witnessing their presence in almost every sphere of the globe.

Therefore with Orient Ceramics, you got to deal with one of the best sanitary ware suppliers and therefore our clients will be assured of quality, reliability, contemporary makes, variety and most importantly cost effectiveness with our ceramic sanitary wares.