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To guarantee a great finish with impact resistance, we as sanitary ware manufacturers and exporters in India as well across the globe provide sanitarywares created using the most up-to-date tools, technologies and facilities.

A wide selection of superbly crafted modern sanitary ware with diversified colours and patterns in-line with the most recent industry trends are available to our customers from leading sanitary ware manufacturer in India.

We offer wholesale supply to our consumers as sanitary ware exporter in India. Our sanitaryware products are used in bathrooms, homes, hotels, offices, modern buildings, etc. because of their special qualities. Additionally, the raw materials used to create our sanitary ware products come from suppliers that are known for providing high-quality ingredients.

Our products that bring glitz to bathroom, halls, and kitchens are created by the top industry experts of Sanitaryware in India. We adhere to industrial standards with quality criteria throughout every level, which has helped us; establish a recognised presence in the marketplace. Moreover, as leading producer, we also engage in production of accessories of wide variety that are offered at extremely competitive prices.

Orient sanitary wares are among the most coveted & sought-after around the world. We take great satisfaction to fulfil through all the needs of our clients.

The 3 Qualities of a Great Ceramic Sanitaryware Product
Who we are?

With products that showcase accomplished elegance with superlative quality, we, "Orient Ceramics", started our endless journey in year 1998. Dimensional accuracy, self-designed internal fittings, heavy duty chrome plating are traits of our products which make them unique at national as well as for international market.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of Ceramic Sanitaryware, Shower Trays, Sink, etc.

Our Brands

Sanitary Ware Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India

Orient Ceramic is a leading manufacturer and exporter of sanitaryware in India since 1998. We as a Sanitary ware producer in India, are on a persistent journey and have been leading impressive footprints. With our wings spread across more than 62 countries, we are rapidly growing multi-diversified Sanitaryware solutions while being built on a platform that conforms to highest quality standards & aesthetics. Orient Ceramic, a Sanitary ware manufacturer in India, caters to value and premium segments with a reputation for providing world-class sanitary ware products & services. As Ceramic Sanitaryware exporter in India, Orient Ceramic have surged ahead and has carved out a name and niche as a leading wholesale supplier of all types sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, sanitaryware fittings and endeared itself to myriad of clients with its superlative performance.

Sanitary ware refers to products used for personal hygiene and cleanliness in bathrooms, such as toilets, sinks, urinals, and sanitryware accessories.

Common features of Orient sanitary ware include:

  1. Sanitary Ware Material - Unmatched Quality: Sanitary ware is commonly made of ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, or stone materials.
  2. Modern Design: Products come in various designs, sizes and shapes, allowing for customization based on personal preferences and bathroom space.
  3. Best Comfort: Comfort-enhancing features such as ergonomic designs, heated seats, and soft-closing lids are available in different models.
  4. Superior Functionalities: Products are designed with functional features such as built-in bidets, flushing systems, and drain systems.
  5. Water-saving: Many sanitary ware products are designed to conserve water, such as dual-flush toilets.
  6. Hygiene on Top Priority: Some products include features that promote hygiene such as self-cleaning surfaces, hands-free flushing, and touchless faucets.
  7. Accessibility: Sanitary ware products are designed for high accessibility like toilets with higher seats for individuals with mobility impairments.

Commitment to Excellence- Orient Ceramic as Wash basin Manufacturer in India, is a renowned name in the global market for sanitarywares and provides unlimited options with creativity & innovation. Being among the well-known ceramic sanitary ware brands in India, we are the largest manufacturers and exporters of Ceramic Sanitaryware including Wash Basin With Pedestal, Table Top/Wall Hung Washbasins, One/Two Piece Water Closet With Cistern (Flush Tanks), Lab & Kitchen Sinks, Squatting Pans, Urinal Bowl, Shower trays, and Ceramic sinks. As one of the best Ceramic Wash basin manufacturers in India, our premium brands include Galassia which is internationally known and acknowledged for its sanitaryware. Also, as one of the best ceramic shower trays manufacturers, we ensure that state-of-the-art facilities coupled with the finest quality materials go into the making of sanitaryware products manufactured. As a Furniture wash basin Manufacturer India, testing is undertaken at in-house R&D Center and the International Standard Testing Facility. Orient as one of the well-known Ceramic Sanitaryware manufacturers in India, specializes in wide spectrum of experiences through an extensive range of products.

Experience Opulence by Choosing Us- Orient Ceramic bring to you top-quality ceramic products that are ISO, CE certified and designed considering end-users regional preferences. As one of the leading Ceramic Squatting pan Manufacturers in India, the skilfully crafted sanitaryware products are impressive, also the wide range ceramic sanitary wares conform to different preferences in terms of their design colours, ergonomics, and quality. The sanitaryware product elements fit into any ambience and shine by exhibiting a look that’s class apart. Orient as Sanitary ware exporter India, is known to be one of the most trusted pioneers in trendsetting across the ceramic industry, moreover, partnering with us can be a delightful experience.

What sets Orient Ceramic Apart- Orient sanitaryware products are a result of manufacturing processes that are byproducts of advanced world technology. We as Ceramic Toilet manufacturers in India believe respectful of the environment and the conservation of water with energy. Orient Ceramic- one of the best Ceramic Sanitary ware manufacturers & exporters in India, prides itself in being among the premier brands of the sanitary ware category to evolve continuously and simply be the best!

Some of Our Popular Ceramic Sanitarywares: Wash Basin | Water Closets | Wash Basin Half Pedestal | Wall Hung Wash Basins | One Piece Toilet | One Piece Wash Basin | Squatting Pans | Urinal Bowl | Laboratory Sink | Ceramic Lab Sink | Two Piece Toilets | Wall Hung Water Closets | Ceramic Table Top Basin | Designer Sanitaryware | Toilet Flush Tanks

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