Do up the interior of your home with orient ceramics, a brand that strives to serve the design conscious with its range of seat covers. the perfect mix of elegance ,class and modernity in the designs will surely an ultramodern washroom.


Seat Cover Model 9

Cat. No : SC09

Sear Cover Model 8

Cat. No : SC08

Seat Cover Model 7

Cat. No : SC07

Seat Cover Model 6

Cat. No : SC06

Seat Cover Model 5

Cat. No : SC05

Seat Cover Model 4

Cat. No : SC04

Seat Cover Model 3

Cat. No : SC03

Seat Cover Model 2

Cat. No : SC02

Seat Covers Model 1

Cat. No : SC01

Sanitaryware Fittings

Cat. No :
Sanitaryware Fittings

Dual Flush Valve with Push Button & 1/2"
Bottom Inlet Valve Cat. No.: SF01
U. K. Type Cistern Fittings
Cat. No.: SF02
Centre Pool with Side Inlet
Cat. No.: SF03
Big Single push Valve with 1/2"
side Inlet Valve Cat. No.: SF04