Ceramic Sanitary Wares Export Market in Mexico & Ceramic Urinals in Latin America

China has established a significant presence in the Ceramic Sanitary Wares Export Market and is expected to see steady growth over the next few years. Chinese Sanitary Ware companies are focusing on Mexican markets. Orient Ceramics also produces sanitary ware. This article will discuss these companies and their respective products.

Ceramic Sanitaryware Market

As a leading producer of ceramic sanitary ware, Mexico holds a large market for this product. In 2021, the market was more from the previous year. However, China is still the top exporter, with imports rising 3.2% in 2022. In terms of supply, Mexico was the top third supplier, accounting for 5.5% of the global supply.

The Ceramic Sanitary Wares market includes toilets, washbasins, and urinals, among others. The article analyzes the market for these products and provides information on the driving forces. It also provides a market landscape, highlighting the latest trends in this sector. The market is segmented by type to identify the most profitable opportunities and identify new market segments. Further, it also identifies competitive advantages and challenges for manufacturers.

Orient Ceramics Sanitary Ware

One of the leading manufacturers of ceramic sanitary ware in the world, Orient Ceramics, focuses on establishing its presence in emerging markets and developing a strong brand image. In 2022, Orient Ceramics, with its toilets in the global market is capturing more market share.

Orient Ceramics a sanitary ware company has a production capacity equivalent to most high-end sanitary ware companies. Its main products include toilets, washbasin, urinals, etc. Founded in 1998, the company adheres to scientific design, craftsmanship, customer-first philosophy, and international quality management system standards. The factory covers a large area of land and has a high production capacity. Its products range from ceramic water closets to sinks. It is located in Gujarat, which is popularly known as the Jewel of Western India.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares market includes toilets, washbasins, and urinals

Ceramic Urinals Market in Latin America

The article also provides sales and revenue forecasts for the global, regional, and company-level markets of Ceramic Urinals. Market data is forecast from 2020 to 2027 and provides industry-level analysis and competitive intelligence. It also includes the highlights and growth prospects of key players in the Ceramic Urinals market. Besides, it provides an extensive competitive landscape and detailed product specifications. This article is valuable for industry professionals to understand the competitive landscape of the global and Latin American Ceramic Urinals market.

Ceramic Urinals Features

The flush ceramic urinal in Latin America combines hygienic flushing with high performance. The open area enables a dynamic flow of water to flush the entire bowl, ensuring perfect hygienic results. The tankless intelligent designs of the Orient Ceramics Urinal series of toilets and basins are also featured in this range.

The Hygiene flushing system provides flushing operations simultaneously. The openings clean the frontal surface of the toilet and avoid unwanted splashes. Its unique design also allows you to choose between flushing modes. The flushing system can also be customized with a matching seat and shower-toilet combination.

The basic range of toilets from Orient Ceramics includes one and two-piece models. Several ceramic collections are available with different flush options and are priced competitively. Open-front seats are an option in some models. The ceramic urinals for Latin America are available in ten different styles. It is compatible with many other bathroom series and can be combined with them.

In Conclusion

If you want to give your bathroom a chic and modern look, consider Orient Ceramics Urinal. This wall-mounted ceramic urinal comes in different configurations. These also feature a unique colour scheme, as there are no visible metal parts.

These urinals are beautifully designed and are modern reproductions of the classic designs and are now available in top-fill and back-fill models. You will not have to worry about matching the colour of metal parts on a urinal - they were designed to complement the urinal cistern.

Different Types of Urinals

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