Sanitary Ware Manufacturers and Exporters

Sanitaryware Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India

Sanitaryware Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in India

Orient Ceramic as one of the leading Sanitary ware manufacturers and exporters in India, started its operations in 1998 as a 100% Export Oriented Unit.

We are a well-known Ceramic Sanitaryware exporter in India, and our company is built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world-class products and service.

Orient as Ceramic Sanitary ware producer in India, now caters to various segments of sanitaryware for the value and premium segments.

As one of the best Ceramic Sanitaryware manufacturers in India, every product designed and manufactured is done keeping in mind the daily human use and strives to achieve ergonomic excellence along with internationally accepted quality standards.

Orient Ceramics Sanitary Wares provides sanitaryware that is comfortable, meticulously crafted, fulfils urbanites' high standards for aesthetics, and is made with attention to detail. The greatest degree of client satisfaction has been attained. We are steadfast in our goal of providing greatness to our consumers, whether it is via design, durability, or technical perfection, as a supplier of designer sanitaryware from India. Driving innovation consistently to provide the highest calibre sanitary ware products is something we strongly believe in doing. Rather than merely following trends, we like to set new ones. The dynamic capacity of Orient Ceramics to change with shifting architecture and design trends throughout time is what distinguishes us as one of the leading Sanitaryware manufacturers in India from the competition. In order to provide the best sanitaryware & fittings in India, we understand our consumers and offer them with the finest products ever seen in the market.

Now, one of the largest Sanitary Ware exporters from India the company has customers across 62 countries in Europe, Middle East, South America, South East – Asia & Africa.

We at Orient as one of the top Ceramic Sanitary ware manufacturers India, are ever open to new ideas & challenges and forge new partnerships across regions and countries.

Sanitaryware Manufacturing

With a State-Of-Art manufacturing facility spread across 50 Acres and further expansion is being done, due to the large quantities of scale Orient Sanitary Ware products are one of the most competitive across the globe along with the highest quality standards.

Our Sanitary ware Product Range

With a vast experience of over 23 years in Manufacturing and Supplying sanitary products globally our team has carefully crafted a wide range of products as per regional preferences in terms of Usage, Design, Ergonomics, Colours and Quality with the end user requirements in mind.

Quality of Ceramic Sanitaryware

With carefully sourced Top Quality Raw Materials all the products developed at Orient are ISO & CE certified and go through rigorous testing at the plants own R&D and International Standard Testing Facility. Hence, as one of the known Indian Exporter of Ceramic Sanitary ware, all the products meet almost every internationally accepted Quality Certifications.

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