Ceramic Sanitaryware Markets Around the World

The ceramic sanitary ware market is projected to reach USD 3.84 billion by 2025, with the growth fuelled by increasing expenditures in luxury bathrooms in emerging economies. The rapid urbanization and changing consumer lifestyles in these countries are other key factors fuelling the market growth. The recent developments in the field of interior decoration have also contributed to the rise in spending on bathroom equipment.

China's Sanitary Ware Market

China has established an impressive manufacturing base for sanitary ware and has become a world-renowned hub for the ceramic sanitary ware industry. Its capabilities include finishing mass production, perfecting software facilities, and meeting international quality standards. It has also gained a reputation as a reliable source of sanitary ware. And, this trend indicates an increasing demand for luxury bathroom products. The market size of ceramic sanitary ware is expected at a CAGR of 4%.

Sanitary Ware Market of Italy

The Italians have a rich history, and their innovative and quality sanitary ware has been admired around the world. Their products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards by skilled craftsmen in Italy. Their commitment to high standards and the use of innovative technologies has enabled the companies to create products that are durable, and feature modern Italian designs. Moreover, the products are eco-friendly and have high levels of energy efficiency and water conservation.

Italian design is at the core of the products, and the companies use cutting-edge technology and the finest craftsmanship to create them. Their products are made to last a lifetime, and you can see and feel the difference in quality.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware

European Market of Sanitaryware

The market for sanitary ware has been affected by the cheap supply of low-priced products from Eastern Europe. While manufacturers in the West struggle to sustain their market positions, Eastern European countries will continue to innovate in niche markets. The growing local demand for such products has encouraged many European manufacturers to expand their production facilities in the Eastern European region. In addition, many large producers have established joint companies with local manufacturers in Eastern Europe to reduce production costs and tap into new markets.

The ceramic industry in Europe is highly diversified. Around 25 per cent of the production is exported outside of the EU, with a positive trade balance of 4.2 billion. This makes the European ceramic sector a global leader and an export champion. As European consumers' demand for more personalised items grows, manufacturers have begun to realize the importance of safe delivery in their competitive marketplace. Moreover, with the advent of e-commerce, European sanitary brands have begun to look beyond their local markets to find new outlets for their products.

Ceramic Sanitaryware

The Bottom Line

The coronavirus pandemic affected the construction sector, resulting in delays in projects and reduced demand for ceramic sanitary ware. The closure of some ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing factories has also impacted market growth. However, due to increasing vaccination campaigns, the market is expected to recover in the coming years.

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