Exceptional Features of One Piece Toilet and its Benefits

One Piece Toilets are a popular type of toilet for homes, especially for small bathrooms. Unlike two-piece toilets, one-piece toilets require less space and are designed with comfort height guidelines in mind. Typically, a one-piece toilet has a 17-inch bowl, whereas two-piece toilets are taller and have a lower bowl height.

Why Choose One Piece Closet/One-Piece Toilet?

The One-Piece Toilet Seat is a classic English toilet seat that fits most standard toilet shapes. It is easy to clean and maintain and is perfect for office, home and public restrooms. In addition to this, the One-Piece Toilet Seat is one of the most affordable toilet seats.

A one-piece toilet is a floor-mounted toilet that has a flush closet. It is easy to install and uses less water than other toilets. This kind of toilet is also less expensive than other types of toilets. A one-piece toilet has no commode lid, and the flush tank capacity is great.

Ceramic One Piece Toilet

Orient Ceramics One-Piece Toilet Benefits

Orient Ceramics one-piece toilet offers a contemporary design that merges traditional elegance with water conservation. This high-efficiency toilet offers a water-saving flush. It also features tornado flushing technology for a fast flush. The comfortable height make sitting on the toilet a more pleasant experience.

These toilets provide the highest level of accessibility and ease-of-use. Orient Ceramics is a leader in eco-performance practices and has forged partnerships with several environmental organizations. Our tornado flushing technology helps conserve water while meeting the highest performance standards.

One piece closets collection features a classic and traditional design. The collection features clean lines and stylized detailing that evokes architecture and furniture. Its feature makes it easier to sit down and is designed to accommodate both small and large bathrooms.

The Bottom Line

One piece toilet offers water-saving flush performance and traditional styling. This comfortable one-piece toilet is a perfect combination of water-saving flush performance and traditional style. Plus, the toilet's chair-height seating helps make it convenient to use.

One Piece Closet One Piece Toilets

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