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Orient Ceramic, established in India, is a significant manufacturer of sanitary ware and accessories. The need for simple, elegant lines is mirrored in the products we create. We at Orient Ceramic value the aesthetic appeal of all of our sanitary ware products, which exemplify the most up-to-date conventions and styles in contemporary design. We offer the whole spectrum of sanitary goods and associated components, to fittings for bathrooms, and other areas.

Our ethos is founded on three pillars: innovation, excellence, and uniqueness. We are always focused on introducing innovative items that match market expectations and progress. Despite the fact that our firm has evolved over time, we have never faltered in our dedication to delivering the best ceramic sanitary items. We are passionate about making sanitaryware that enriches our clients' lifestyle, and we also believe in giving environmental friendly, creative, and cost-effective options to local and worldwide markets. We distinguish ourselves by putting our expertise and experience to work for our clients and producing high-quality sanitary items that meet their diverse requirements and preferences.

Ceramic sanitarywares include items such as One Piece Closet, Wall Hung Closet, Two Piece Closet, Water Closet, Wash basin Pedestal, Wash Basin Half Pedestal, One Piece Basin, Table Top Basin, Wall Hung Basin, Squatting Pan, Urinal, Sink / Accessories, Seat Covers & Cistern / Fittings, Designer Collection, and other products that can be incorporated into any bathroom design such as soap dish, toilet roll holders, shelves, and so on, due to its exceptional qualities of high corrosion resistance, great damage tolerance, glazed surface with various attractive colour schemes.

As people's living conditions have improved, sanitary ware products have become necessary and an intrinsic element of consuming sectors such as housing, educational and research institutes, hospitals, industries, hotels and restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and other public places.

Our facilities are endowed with the most cutting-edge production technology from the industry's leading machine manufacturers, and our workforce is entrusted with brainstorming new ideas and shaping market trends of sanitarywares. We have a global presence in markets such as Europe, the Middle East, South America, South East Asia, and Africa.

Exclusive range of Sanitary Ware products provided by Orient Ceramic –

One Piece Closet - A one-piece toilet is a type of closet in which the tank or cistern is firmly attached to the bowl, forming one complete unit that just has to be linked to the water system on the wall and properly fitted to the drain pipe. This one piece water closet is modest, & has a tank that is compact than most other toilets. Range of one piece closets is designed to beautify the appearance of bathroom.

Ceramic One Piece Toilet
One Piece Toilet Ceramic One Piece Closet

Two Piece Closet - Two piece toilets come in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs. Combination of smooth straight lines & curves the two-piece water closet, is one in which the toilet tank and bowl are created separately and then joined together during installation. Two piece closet is one of the most prevalent and user-friendly toilets.

Ceramic Two Piece Closet
Two Piece Closet Ceramic Two Piece Toilet

Wall Hung Closet - The wall-hung water closets are available in different designs. A wall-hung closet will add a high-end, modern touch to your bathroom. The commode's floating appearance adds to its allure. The main advantage of a wall-hung toilet is that it is mounted to the wall, freeing up floor space. As a bonus, since they provide the sense of greater space, such units are perfect for tiny bathrooms.

Wall Hung Closet
Wall Hung Closet Wall Hung Water Closet

Water Closet - Old-fashioned tanks that take up a lot of floor area have been removed from water closets. As a result, you'll have more leeway in customising the design. Furthermore, because of their modest size, these toilets are excellent for even tiny bathrooms. These closets, which are fashioned in modern and beautiful styles, may quickly improve the look of your bathroom.

Water Closet Ceramic Water Closets
Water Closet

Wash Basin Pedestal - Pedestal wash basins or sinks are made up of two independent parts that are joined together during installation. Wash basins with pedestals are composed of basin above and shaft below. The wash basin pedestal is effective because of its simplicity, and it fits wonderfully in any bathroom with little space.

Rustic Wash basins with Pedestal
Wash Basin Pedestal

Wash Basin Half Pedestal - We manufacture sleek and beautifully designed half pedestal wash basins in variety of designs and colours. Our wash basins with half pedestal are made of quality material, are stain resistance, and make your bathroom look spacious and elegant.

Coco Wash Basin Sterling Washbasin Royal Washbasin
Wash Basin Half Pedestal

One Piece Basin - These one-of-a-kind ceramic wash basins will shine in any household. These one-piece basins are constructed entirely of one piece. They're attached to the back wall behind the basin. The drain and supply pipes must enter the sink from the wall rather than the floor in one piece wash basin, as with typical vanity sinks.

One Piece Basin

Table Top Basin - Ceramic table top wash basins are already a standard feature in both private and public toilets. Table top basins are available in a variety of forms and styles, all of which have a wonderful visual appeal that will never go out of style.

Ceramic Table Top Basin
Table Top Basin

Wall Hung Basin - The wash basin is the bathroom's centre point and requires special care. A wall-mounted basin is a perfect compliment to any washroom. Ceramic wall hung basin is minimalistic, as well as functional, because it saves so much space by being attached straight to the wall, with no built - in vanity beneath.

Ceramic Wash Basins
Wall Hung Basin

Ceramic Squatting Pan - We have a very wide range of ceramic squatting pan for various needs and requirement of our clients like Eastern squatting pan, Turkish squatting Pan, medium deep squatting pan, full deep squatting pan, Small Khazaf squatting pan, Orissa squatting pan, rustic squatting pan, India Eastern Closet, etc.

Squatting Pans India Eastern Closet Turkish Pan Full Deep Pan Small Khazaf Orissa Pan Rustic
Squatting Pans India Eastern Closet

Urinals - Lowering utility costs, improving bathroom hygiene, and reducing fixture maintenance are all advantages of a ceramic urinal. We have auto urinals, ceramic bowl urinals, ceramic corner urinals, and flat back urinals in a variety of colours and designs with glazed surface.

Ceramic Bowl Urinal
Urinal Auto Urinal

Sink / Accessories - Ceramic sanitary ware sink accessories have become an increasingly significant component in terms of both design integrity and practicality. We provide products with current and trendy styles that may be fitted into any bathroom decor like robe hooks, soap dish, P Trap and shelves.

Sanitary Ware Accessories Soap Dish
Sanitary Ware Accessories Hook

Seat Covers & Cistern / Fittings - We provide high-quality Seat Covers and Cistern/Fittings. Cisterns or Flush tanks, as well as seat coverings, are all available in our selection. To provide the finest service to our clients, we are always improving our goods and services.

Flush Tanks
Toilet Seat Covers

Designer Collection - Our designer collection of ceramic sinks or wash basins is available in wide variety and colours, all made in top quality and durable ceramic, to satisfy the needs of both Indian and international clients.

Designer Collection
Designer Ceramic Products

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