Types, Properties & Uses of Squatting Pans

Different squatting pans come with different features and benefits. In this article, we'll discuss some of the differences between them, including their design, function, and production capacity. Having an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of different types of squatting pans will make the purchasing process a breeze. Read on to learn more! Also, be sure to check the following tips to choose the best pan for you.

Advantages of Squatting Pans

There are many advantages of using a squatting pan. The basic benefit is the convenience. It is fast, cheap, and easy to use. Squatting pans can also help improve bathroom space, and anyone can use them. They do not require more water than a regular toilet. Squatting is not dangerous for your health. But it is important to know the proper technique. Squatting pans do not limit the range of motion of the hip joint, and do not cause any health problem. It is crucial to learn how to properly perform squats, and use the squatting pan appropriately.

Squatting Pans Design

There are many types of squatting pans, each with its own name and size. Like eastern closet, Turkish pan, New Squatting pan, Khazaf pan, Medium Deep Pan, Orissa Pan, Eastern Squatting Pan, and more. Some may be box or open rim designs. In each case, the flushing rim and inlet shall be of the self-draining variety and a weephole shall be provided at the flushing inlet.

Squatting Pans

Function of Squatting Pans

While toilets are widely used in modern households, squatting pans still dominate public restrooms. While toilets are safer for people with stifling odors, squatting pans require a more comfortable and hygienic stance, and are more common in rural and public places. While squatting, the proper position is essential for balance on the wet porcelain and proper angling.

Squatting pans come in two main types. They either are built with a water tank or without one. The water tank variety is more durable and vandal-proof. These types of pans are also perfect for public restrooms where hygiene is of paramount importance. Make sure you choose the right pan for your location before you buy one. In addition, pay special attention to how you install and maintain your squatting pan to ensure its sanitary condition.

Squatting Pans Production Capacity

Squatting pans are made of ceramic, stainless steel, and other materials. Commercial Washrooms offers both of these materials. They are both durable and easy to clean. European squat pans are designed to flush waste away. Generally, they are made to accommodate in-wall flush valves. Production capacity is measured based on the number of users. There are different types of squatting pans for different applications.

The Bottom Line

The squatting pan comes in different patterns with different names and sizes. They are also available in different colours, to help you choose the appropriate one for your bathroom. The rural pattern does not have an integral flushing rim. It may be an open or box rim type. The flushing rim should be self-draining with a weephole located at the flushing inlet. Production capacity is also determined based on the design and the number of uses. This segmentation makes it easier for manufacturers to determine the market size and profitability.

Squatting Pans

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