What is a Ceramic Cistern?

A Ceramic Cistern is a type of storage tank used for toilet waste. Other types of cisterns include the low-level cistern, which does not have a bunghole and the Horizontal Impact Cistern, which has a sloping glacis. To find out more about a particular type of cistern, read this article.

History of Ceramic Cisterns

If you're in the market for a new toilet, you should know that the High-Level Ceramic Flushing Cistern is an exact replica a ceramic syphon made over a century ago. Ceramic engineers have found that the improved waterway design of this cistern is better than a high-mounting tank. 

The Ceramic Cistern is made of high-quality porcelain that is modelled after the original design, which was first introduced over 100 years ago. The cistern is made of high-quality ceramic that is lightweight and durable. Its intricatelines are created using a moulding process. Once completed, the High-Level Ceramic Cistern is fired in a kiln for approximately 23-40 hours, which makes it a less expensive option than a traditional ceramic cistern.

Types of Cisterns

A cistern can be vertical, horizontal, or inclined. No impact cisterns do not have the energy dissipated by falling water. In either case, the water in the cistern acts as a cushion against falling water, dissipating the energy. These structures are also effective in dissipating surplus energy. The size of the cistern should match the purpose for which it is designed. There are several empirical expressions that can help you choose the right size.

Choosing Cisterns

In addition to providing additional head, a cistern should have a dentated sill that deflects high velocity near the glacis bed. This deflector deflects the water from the cistern's bed, and is provided at the D/S end of the glacis. This provides a reversal of the roller action. However, if the glacis does not slope beyond the level of the cistern, a cistern is not necessary.When selecting the cistern length; consider the shingle, good earthen, or sandy bed rule. The lower part of the cistern floor is stilled to avoid retrogression. 

Benefits of Ceramic Cisterns

The Ceramic Cistern is a beautiful, affordable option for the modern bathroom. Its unique style allows it to fit in any bathroom and matches the style and colour of any decor. Its durable construction means it won't break easily and can last a lifetime. Its rimless design makes it easy to clean. And it is silent, too.

The Bottom Line

Ceramic cisterns are commonly used to store liquids and were originally called bunghole jugs. Ceramic cisterns are usually made in kilns from clay. Different minerals are added to create certain textures and colours. In addition to being useful as storage vessels, ceramic cisterns are also useful as transfer vessels. These are used in urban areas where space is limited.

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